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Monday, 11 February 2013

My Work

Story about my jobs........

Currently am a employer to a local travel agent base in Kuala Lumpur.  This job is the first job and hopefully the last one since I graduated from college  as  diploma holder in Business study. I started my job in 1991 as an Accounts clerk. Being the a loner in this big city without any connection or "whom you know", i get to grabbed any opportunity that come by. A year in Accounts Department, i asked to be transfer to other department since i get bored easily doing the same routine month in and month out.

 I was transferred to my current department in 1992 as a junior coordinator. and to cut the story short now am the manager of the department . i love my job so very much because not only having the opportunity to travel around the globe without spending any money but i just love to meet people. Most of the time, i will introduced to people of other nationality and most of them now become my personal friends. As daughter of odd job parents from small kampung, never in my wildest dream as child, I had this opportunity.

I covered few countries during my employment but many other need to be concurred and am still waiting for the opportunity to come.

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